Registration Form and Policies


Prime Diam requires registration for our online inventory to ensure that only qualified personnel in the jewelry industry have access to confidential inventory and pricing information. As a Prime Diam Registered User, you will also receive exclusive monthly discounts, that can be reached from our password-protected, Registered User Home Page. Please review the Ordering Policies that follow and click on "I Accept," then fill out the brief confidential* form that follows.

Once we have verified your information with the JBT, we will supply you with a User ID and Password in approximately three (3) business days. If you need immediate access, please contact us during regular business hours:

M-F, 9AM-5PM CST at 1-888-PRIME-44 or 1-314-721-7210.

Thank you for registering with Prime Diam.

Ordering Terms and Policies



* Your personal information is safe with us. All inquiries regarding information included on your registration form will be

handled confidentially in our office by qualified Prime Diam personnel. Please read our Security Policy for more information.